Why Send Snail Mail: 4 Reasons It’s Not Limited the Older Generations

Why send snail mail?  Isn’t it something from the last century?  The 1900s?  Why would you need to mail a letter these days with the internet and cell phone towers?

What is Snail Mail?

In this day and age where electronics rule and messages are almost instantaneous (if one has good cell service), sending a physical letter or card seems “old-fashioned” and “quaint”.  Plus, the two or three days it may take, between placing the letter in the mailbox to when the addressee receives it, mailing a message seems to travel at the pace of a snail.  (Not quite, but we do seem to like hyperbole.)

If it takes two days for someone to receive a letter and costs (January 2022 price) $0.58, why do it?

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Why Send Snail Mail: Patience

Sometimes you don’t need to receive a message immediately.  Sometimes the anticipation, the waiting, and the surprise at the end is the best part.  Sitting down to read the multiple paragraphs in the card or letter instead of one word text messages is a delight.

Plus taking a break from your electronic devices is good for your eyes.  Allows them to rest for a bit.  And studies show we remember better what we read on paper

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Why Send Snail Mail: Practice Your Penmanship

I know, I know.  With voice to dictation, why should kids even learn how to write with paper and pencil/pen anymore?  Because it’s a worthwhile skill?  Because when you’re on the phone and need to remember something the other person is saying, jotting down a note to yourself is invaluable?

Not to mention, learning how to read someone else’s handwriting is another advantageous benefit.  How else will you read those handwritten love letters in the back of your mom’s closet or the note your boss left on your desk asking you to get your time sheet in?

Plus, I hear cursive is becoming a secret code/language…imagine if you could write and read it?!

why send snail mail

Why Send Snail Mail: Appreciation for Others

Aren’t you excited anyone takes the time to mail you a card or a letter?  On some level you realize they sat down and purposely thought about you and took time to put pen to paper and handwrite their appreciation of you.

It takes time to send a card in the mail.  First you have to find a card and then a pen.  Then you need to figure out what to say (if you need help, grab this FREE guide).  After you’re done writing, off to find your dust-covered address book to find the mailing address.  Label the envelope, maybe put some fun decorations on it.  Hunt around for a first-class stamp, and finally remember to actually put the card into the mailbox so it can actually make it to the recipient.

It’s a lot of time they could have been doing something else.

See, they appreciate you and show their respect by taking the time to do so.

why send snail mail

Why Send Snail Mail: Connection

And lastly, another reason of why send snail mail is connection.  Not just emotional connection or friendship connection or familia connection, but also physical connection.

Not necessarily physical touch, but you are holding in your hands a card they wrote in.  A letter they rotated as they wrote down the length of the page.  An envelope they decorated and addressed.

Sometimes it’s nice to hold onto something someone you care about held onto.

why send snail mail

Snail Mail vs Email

Is snail mail better than email?  Yes and no.  If you need an immediate response, then call.  If you need a quick response then email.  If you can wait awhile for an answer, try snail mail.

why send snail mail

So, who will you send some snail mail to today? (If you need a card, try the Etsy shop!)

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