Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions (faq) I get. Do you have one?

Are all these pictures yours?

Yes! All the pictures for sale were taken by me. (There are stock photos on this site from Canva and Social Curator and I can’t sell since they aren’t mine.)

Where did you get the name Rarely VT?

The short version is: when I first started this business, I preferred the photos taken overseas and out West compared to any I had taken in my home state of Vermont. Hence the “rarely” part.

FAQ: Bowfin Scope
Looking through the USS Bowfin scope at the USS Missouri

Which photo is your favorite?

Yikes! That’s like asking what my all time favorite book is…who can narrow it down to just one? But as with books, there are the top favorites. (Though, like with books, my favorites don’t match the favorites of others!) Here are three of my favorite prints:

Bowfin Scope, Hawaii: I still can’t believe how well this turned out as it was mostly an experiment to see if I could get the shot.
Into the Unknown, Maine: a good reminder to be brave, and even when the seas of life are foggy and unclear, move forward anyway.
Mammoth Springs, Wyoming: fun fact – this was the most commented on print at a 2022 Craft Fair!

Why are your prices lower in person than online?

Because I don’t need to ship anything!

But, my question isn’t listed?

Don’t be shy, reach out and ask! You may use the Contact Me option or reach out on social media.

To learn the answer, you must first be willing to ask the question.

~Unknown to me
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