Rarely VT: Send an Amazing Greeting Card and Connect with Loved Ones

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“For the beauty of the earth”

Rarely VT offers beauty to be shared to remind your loved ones (and you) to connect, to breathe, and to relax.

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Practical advice from Rarely VT for writing a greeting card:

You want to send a greeting card to a loved one on their special day, but you struggle with what to say. There’s no need to be stuck, just grab the guide, and start reconnecting with family members and friends!

Included is the guide, a worksheet, and two pages of special dates.


I’m Judy Gilmore. I help remind you with honest landscape photographs to take time to reflect on the beauty of nature. And in reflecting, you will breathe, smile, and feel some peace. (Plus, it doesn’t hurt to share the beauty of nature with one of your loved ones!)

In my photography, I strive for honesty and simplicity (minimal editing). I hope you use the digital download photos to help you relax and destress. I hope you use the scenic landscape greeting cards to send a smile through the mail to a loved one, to reach out and connect with a friend, and to reconnect with a family member. I hope you hang your 8×10 prints where you will see them and smile.

Judy Gilmore, Rarely VT Photography, LLC

Beautiful, Fantastic, Incredible, and Awe-Inspiring Photographs

From the setting sun on the Atlantic Ocean to the setting sun on the Pacific Ocean, there are numerous scenic landscapes to enthrall you.

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