Beautiful Handmade Greeting Cards and 8×10 Landscape Prints for Simple Connection

Doolin shelf rock at sunset

Connection, our secret longing.

With family, friends, or the Creator, we want to connect.


Beautiful Handmade Greeting Cards
Maine beach 8x10 landscape wall art photo
Outer Banks sunrise computer background

Nature Greeting Cards

Who doesn’t love getting beautiful handmade greeting cards in their mailbox? The first envelope to be opened, often before the house is even entered. A handwritten greeting card shows more thought and effort than a text message sent last minute, especially for important events and milestones. And it’s a great way to connect.

Colorful clouds in Vermont at sunset as a storm finished passing through. Still amazed to not only see the differently colored clouds, but that I captured it!

8×10 Landscape Photos

Every home should be a sanctuary. A place to relax from the outside pressures and demands. A soothing retreat to build memories with family and friends.

Old Orchard Beach, Maine. Stopped for a quick stroll in the gray morning and found a bunch of sea birds. Is there anything like the Maine ocean smell? Not all beaches and oceans smell like Maine.

Beautiful Vistas as Computer Backgrounds

When the daily grind in the office gets too much, choosing a peaceful landscape allows for mini-breaks. Minimize everything on the screen except for the stunning vista, then just relax and breathe.

A sunrise in Corolla, North Carolina next to the wild horses fence, lined with sea birds. Making the effort to get up to watch the sunrise more mornings than not while on vacation paid of!

Letter writing is the only device for combining solitude with good company.

Lord Byron

About the Photographer

Judy Gilmore

Rural Vermont born and raised on a small, family owned dairy farm that’s over 200 years old.

Growing up on a farm, there wasn’t time for endless video games, computer time, or tons of cartoons. When we weren’t helping with farm or house chores, we played outside, hiked, went for Sunday drives to see more of Vermont’s beauty. Occasionally we leave the State for vacations and enjoyed new sites and locations. There is so much beauty in the simple.


Curious about the beautiful handmade greeting cards? Or about anything else? Then let me know!

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