Writing Valentine's Card

5 Creative Ways to Not Be Sappy When Writing Valentine’s Card

Sitting down and writing Valentine’s card can be a difficult task. Some even say Valentine’s Day is arguably the most difficult day of the year to write cards for. There are just so many options and so many ways it could go wrong. But don’t worry! I’m here to help. Below are some creative ways for you to not be sappy when writing your Valentine’s card:

Writing Valentine’s Day Card If You Are in a New Relationship

If you’re in a new relationship, you should consider your Valentine’s Day card as an opportunity to show that you care. This can be done by expressing love and affection, showing commitment to the relationship, and that you are thinking about the person who will receive your card.

There are many ways to go about this task. One method is writing out what you love about your significant other on separate pieces of paper, then folding each piece into an origami airplane before attaching them all together with some string or ribbon (if applicable). When unfolded, these planes should spell out words like “charming,” “amazing” or other such adjectives describing said boyfriend’s qualities—and if you can’t come up with enough adjectives, ask some mutual friends and use their words so a well-rounded descriptive quality is achieved!

Or get much more specific than just single-word adjectives and be very descriptive:

Writing Valentine's Card

Writing Valentine’s Card If You Are in a Long-Term Relationship

If you’re in a long-term relationship, don’t be afraid to get super specific about what you love about your fiance. Saying “I love you because of what we did yesterday” will still make them feel seen and appreciated. Being specific is the best way to go with “I love you” and “thank you”.

Be honest but not cruel. If your husband’s body is showing signs he isn’t in his early 20s anymore, don’t tell him he needs to bulk back up. It makes you appear shallow and only interested in looks.

If you are in public, you may not want to sing your Valentine’s message (unless you don’t care about the embarrassment and are in fact a good signer).

Writing Valentine’s Card If You Are Secretly in Love With Someone

If you’re secretly in love with someone, you don’t want to be too obvious about it. You want to drop some hints, but not give away your hand too soon.

Be honest. Once again, honesty is the best policy here. Don’t overdo it and say something like “I’ve been secretly in love with you for years” or “I’m madly in love with you,” because that could make things awkward. You can start off with the things you admire most about them that helped you fall in love with them. (See the idea under New Relationship up above.)

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Writing Valentine’s Day Card If You’re Secretly in Love With Someone

If you have a friend that you love, and they are reading this, then it’s probably because they’re your very best friend. You know what? You don’t need to write a card for them, but you still can! Just sit down and write down how much they mean to you. This will give them a treasured keepsake to look at as the years’ pass.

Writing Valentine’s cards can be hard…

Writing Valentine’s cards can be hard because you want to say the right things and not make yourself look like a sappy weirdo. It’s also important that you don’t get too generic, too short or too long, or too expensive or cheap. Here are some creative ways to not be sappy when writing your Valentine’s card:

  • Write something new! You could write your own poem about love, or do some research online and write something based on what you read.
  • Give your loved one an interesting fact they may not know about themselves. This will show them you pay attention and show how much you care to make them feel special.

Writing Valentine’s Cards Conclusion

Valentine’s Day is a special time of year, and it can be hard to know what to say when you’re handwriting a card. If you’re feeling a little sappy and want to make sure that your Valentine’s day card is not overly sentimental or cheesy, I hope that these ideas help you out!

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