Natural Bridge: Made of Stone and Visit Lace Falls

While traveling to Parris Island, we took a break in Virginia to stretch our legs at the Natural Bridge State Park. We only viewed the Bridge, the native village, and Lace Falls, but there are more than six miles of hiking trails through the park if you really want to stretch your legs.

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Natural Bridge Made of Stone

It’s somewhat crazy to think Route 11 goes over the stone bridge! But the stone bridge appears sturdy enough to perform the job well. However, it’s wise to keep an eye out for falling rocks.

Monacan Village

After the Bridge, we came upon the Monacan Village, a representation of how Native Americans in the area lived. We were there on a quiet day, but the Park should have more programs and visitors in the summer months.

Monacan Village

Lace Falls

Continuing down the trail, you can learn about the Lost River and the Salt Peter Cave, till you finally reach Lace Falls. This end of the trail was very quiet. We were about it for tourists.

Lace Falls
Lace Waterfalls

We walked back down the Cedar Creek Trail to view the stone bridge one last time. Overall, a nice little stroll before getting back into the car to continue southward.

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