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7 Big Yellowstone Sites Traveling from Jackson to Cody

On our third morning we awoke to no snow, but cool temperatures. We packed up our rooms, had a quick breakfast, and then onward! We had to make it from Jackson to Cody over the course of the day.

Grand Teton National Park

We stopped at several places again in the Grand Teton National Park. In hindsight, I wish we had spent a bit more time here, but with Yellowstone being so big, I thought we should focus there so my parents could see as much of it as possible. Those mountains though!

Lewis River and Lake

We said goodbye to the Teton Range and headed up Highway 287. We marveled at how deep the snow still was. No wonder the road was closed two days before!

Below the pull-off area the Lewis River was moving at a good pace. Further up the road, the river is much calmer in a wide river valley after coming over Lewis Falls. The river starts at the southern end of Lewis Lake. The pull-off for Lewis Falls was fairly busy, so we only saw the Falls from the road.

Continental Divide

After leaving the Falls, we crossed the Continental Divide. My mom and I stopped for a photo op while my sister and dad stayed in the car.

Yellowstone Lake

Then it was down to the West Thumb Geyser Basin! We toured the geysers from the boardwalks. A little slippery in places due to the snow. The frozen Yellowstone Lake was a nice contrast to the steam and boiling water of the geysers and hot springs.

Click on the photo above to get your bundle of scenic landscape photos! Great for desktop wallpaper or screensaver. (No, the photos are no longer free.)

Once we were done touring West Thumb, we headed northeast along the Lake until we found an empty pull-off. There we enjoyed the views across the Lake while eating lunch.

Yellowstone Lake

LeHardy’s Rapids and Hayden Valley

We drove north after lunch. The Yellowstone River over LeHardy’s Rapids was moving at a brisk pace. We then spend some time at Hayden Valley looking at the bison and listening to the guide talk to a group near the parking lot.

Lower Falls and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Onward north to the South Rim Road and Artist Point. Definitely take time to view the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone!

The Lower Falls are 308 feet tall and the crest is 70 feet wide…just to give perspective.

Mud Volcano Area and Lake View Butte

On our way back south, we stopped at the Mud Volcano area to view the mud pots and hot springs. We had to dodge some bison wandering around and eating the grass.

Yellowstone Mud Volcano

After the Mud Volcano Area, we turned at Yellowstone Lake to head east but detoured up to the Lake View Butte first. I want to say the area had been hit by a wildfire and that’s why all the dead trees, but I could be misremembering. At any rate, the views over Yellowstone Lake were nice!

From Jackson to Cody

Then it was finally time to head onto Big Bear Motel in Cody. First, we had to stop and turn around to see the bighorn sheep on the cliffs above the road. And marvel at how, once out of the Park, the land began to look more like Utah.

After we were done looking at the sheep, then we stopped at Buffalo Bill Reservoir. And then finally onto our rooms at the Motel and to supper. Then for a good night’s sleep before our trip back across the Park to West Yellowstone.

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