Wander the Gaylord

Have You Wandered Around Gaylord Opryland in Nashville?

After Day 3 of the Business Boutique Conference ended, Ariel and I went back to the Gaylord Opryland to wander around until our flight home.


Our first stop on our wander was to get some lunch at Jack Daniel’s. Their Bacon Cheddar Burger sounded really good the other night when we had dessert. The burger was really good!

Wander the Gaylord
Exterior of Jack Daniel’s in Gaylord Opryland.

Then, after lunch we wandered our way through the Delta Atrium. We hadn’t explored this atrium to its fullest yet.

Wander the Gaylord
Sculpture in a pond, tall tree, wall fountain.

While we were headed to the village area in the middle of the atrium, we ran into Wendy and her daughter. We continued our wander toward the boat ride after a short visit.

Wander the Gaylord
Flowers in the Delta Atrium, so many waterfalls, tropical plants.

Boat Ride

Yes, there is a boat ride inside the Delta Atrium inside the Gaylord Opryland Resort! And the ride is very interesting as you get to learn:

  • about the different plants in the atrium (all the plants are real),
  • some of the engineering (the panes of glass weigh 220 pounds each!),
  • how different countries all over the world sent water for the river, and
  • the high water mark on an interior column from the devastating 2010 flooding (look for the red horizontal line in the center picture on the bottom).
Wander the Gaylord
Upper left and center: buildings on Delta Island; Upper right: view of Delta wing from the river
Bottom left: all the panes of glass; Bottom center: support column with high water mark; Bottom right: Delta Island

Leaving Nashville

All too soon, it was time to grab our bags and call for an Uber and head to the airport. The airport was its own experience. Our flight ended up being delayed due to the delay from the earlier flight. While we kept switching gates, we met up with another lady that had attended the Conference and chatted with her a bit. The airline finally deemed the plane safe for flight and carrying passengers and off we went to DC. Once in DC it was a very fast walk to our next gate, but we did make it back to Vermont!

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Then the next day I was back on the road to go pick up the dogs…and the end of Fall foliage.

Wander the Gaylord
Gambit as my co-pilot and the last color at home.

If you’d like to read about the conference, start here.

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