Quin Abbey sign

Ireland 2008: Quin Abbey and Home

We left Bunratty Meadows after another delicious breakfast fruit platter on our last day. Since we’re early risers, we had some time to spare before our flight home, so drove for about 20 minutes north to Quin Abbey.

Quin Abbey

When we arrived, the interior of the Abbey was closed, but nevertheless we could still wander around outside. We may have been too early, or picked the wrong day to visit to see the interior. I can’t remember which!

Quin Abbey in early morning sunlight.

I find it fascinating the Abbey was first a castle. Not a normal transition!

In the late 1200s, the castle was built, but destroyed six years later after a battle. In the 1500s, a friary was built upon the ruins. Where the friars lived were in buildings to the north of the church. The last friar died in 1820.

Tip: do not go in the early morning, as the sun is at the wrong angle for really good shots of the Abbey.

Getting Home

Once we had toured the Abbey to our heart’s content, it was time to drive the 20 minutes back south to the Shannon Airport for our flight home. The flight to Boston was uneventful.

Aer Lingus wing and tail.
This photo is included – so don’t miss out and sign up now!

Our flight home was canceled due to bad weather. Hindsight is always 20/20. We should have gotten a hotel room and flown out the next morning. Nope, we decided to rent a car and drive the four hours home. We made this decision about 7 pm…the time we were supposed to be landing in Vermont. At least there were three of us to take turns driving on the wet roads, in the fierce rain, in the dark… We all made it to our houses sometime after midnight. Be smarter than us if faced with this decision!

Rental car in the driveway. Home safe and sound!

We enjoyed Ireland so much, we went back again in 2012. For longer! Some pictures from the 2012 trip are for sale: Moon over Aer Lingus, Killarney National Park stairs, and Inch Beach.

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