Europe 3 Card Pack


The pack comes with three color photograph cards.

Each card has a color photograph on the front.  The brown cardstock card is 5 x 6.5 with a brown 5.25 x 7.25 envelope.  The card is blank inside.  The photo, card, and envelope are enclosed in a transparent archival bag.

Add a personal note and send the card to a loved one to brighten their day.  Frame the card and hang in it your office.  Pin it to your dream destination board.

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In the Europe Card pack, you receive three cards: one from Ireland, one from Scotland, and one from Italy.

Ireland: Hore Abbey sits below the Rock of Cashel, in Cashel.  Hore means Yew Tree.  The Abbey, like most in Ireland, was built around a tree in the center courtyard.

Scotland: Eilean Donan Castle sits at the intersection of Loch Long, Loch Duich, and Loch Alsh.  If you are traveling from Loch Ness to the Isle of Skye, odds are you’ll drive right past the Castle.

Italy: Trevi Fountain may be one of the most well-known fountains in the world.  An estimated three thousand euros are tossed into the fountain every day the fountain is open.  Coins from people hoping to return to Rome or to find love.


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