Spring Snow Frost

Navigating the New Normal

We, as a world, are reeling from COVID-19 and are still navigating the new normal. None of us expected to be spending months sheltering in place. That staying home would increase the odds of saving the lives of loved ones…and strangers. Our normal today is so vastly different from the normal of two months ago.


We, my non-essential coworkers and I, were sent home on March 17. An easy date to remember given the importance of St. Patrick’s Day to so many people. The next holiday, Easter, saw us attending Easter Services by internet and video chats with family.

I decided early on to avoid watching the news. So many of my family, friends, and coworkers were so stressed out by what the news was “reporting”. Most of my C0V1D-19 updates come from our weekly Teams meeting for work. I get the rundown from the head of Construction on what C0V1D-19 is doing and when the Governor thinks we’ll be able to go back to work. If the Governor is correct for where I live, we are halfway through the stay home / stay safe directive. We should be back to work before Memorial Day. Maybe we’ll even be able to have a picnic or bonfire or BBQ with friends and family on the day which generally kicks off summer. And maybe navigating a new, yet familiar, normal.

Memories: bonfire with family and friends ten years ago.

Be a Light

Until then: Stay strong. Stay safe. Stay home. And try to spread some hope and kindness around.

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Friends dropped off flowers to the ladies of my church on Good Friday. Yes, we practiced social distancing, but blooming flowers are a spot of happiness.

Easter tulips

Send a card to loved ones, your neighbors, a stranger. Color a sidewalk. Have a virtual movie night. Video chats. Write a dream list of what you’d like to do once the stay home is lifted. Plan for tomorrow! Be a light.

candle reflection
One candlepower (one candle) can illuminate a pitch black cavern.

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