Judy Gilmore here and I create products for women who
  • crave a moment to breathe
  • desperately want a few minutes of peace
  • are looking for wonder and smile
  • want to share the beauty of our world

Travel Landscape Photographer

I help remind you with honest travel landscape photographs to take some time to reflect on the beauty of nature.  And in reflecting on the beauty of nature, you will breathe, and smile, and feel some peace.

When I’m not working here, I’m taking one (or two, or three) of my five sled dogs for a walk…or all five for a sled run.  You might also find me curled up with a good book.  And in non-COVID times, you’d find me traveling the USA, Ireland, or Scotland with camera in hand!  Or possibly you might find me on a roadway construction site in Vermont.

Still want to know more about Judy?
  • My first trip as an adult was to Ecuador.
  • I’ve been inside the I-91 Brattleboro bridge.
  • I have slept overnight on a European train.
  • During the construction of the World War II Memorial Highway, I was allowed to push the plunger to blow up rocks.
  • I’ve never been on an ocean cruise ship.
And for you:

I’d love to gift you with free landscape digital photos.  Yours to use for wallpaper on your favorite device or print out and hang on your walls.  Yours to enjoy and start relaxing with.  Just click here and enter your email address! (The free photos are high-resolution images at 300 dots per inch).

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