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Delighted Excitement and Laughter at a Traditional Irish Night!

After spending some time resting at Bunratty Meadows from our wander around Bunratty Castle and Folk Park, it was time to walk back to the Park for the Traditional Irish Night. When we were planning the trip, we went back and forth about whether to do the Traditional Irish Night or the Medieval Banquet. We finally decided upon the Trad Night as the description and reviews indicated we’d like it better.

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We got to the Park and showed our tickets and then went to the Corn Barn, which is where they hold the Trad Night. There was a stage and a few long tables set up. We found our seats near the stage and admired the pitchers on the table.

Traditional Irish Night
Music while waiting for everyone to arrive. Pottery pitches on the left.

First Tase of Wine

While we were waiting for the food and the show to start, I was thirsty, so I grabbed one of the pottery pitchers. I looked at the clear liquid and poured some into my glass. I raised the glass to my lips and took a swallow. About the time I swallowed, I realized the drink didn’t smell like water…nor taste like water. In fact, the liquid tasted like vinegar. And this was my introduction to wine.

The funny thing is, the people sitting at the other end of the table kept asking for the wine pitcher throughout the meal…and we kept asking for the water pitcher at their end of the table. We finally got smart and just traded! (I still don’t like wine to this day.)

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Traditional Irish Night

I don’t remember what we had to eat, but I do remember liking it. While we ate our meal, the servers put on a song and dance show with stories!

And then at the end of the meal was really good cornbread. Finding the ring meant you’d either be married soon or have good luck. None of us single girls found the ring…

We did have a very good time listening to the singers and watching the traditional Irish dances. The Trad Night is very enjoyable and we were glad we had chosen it instead of the Banquet meal! Although someday we’d like to try the banquet meal…

Bunratty Castle at night
Bunratty Castle at night.

Durty Nelly’s

We stopped off at Durty Nelly’s after the Trad Night was finished. It’s a very popular tourist spot right across the road from Bunratty Castle. We all got a drink and sat in the very crowded and noisy pub. But I did get a nice shot of the exterior as we were walking away back to Bunratty Meadows…

Durty Nelly's at night

Then it was to bed for an early start the next morning and to fly home.

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