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Kilfenora Cathedral: A Site to See in the Burren

In the morning, we thoroughly enjoyed a typical Irish breakfast; especially Margaret’s scones! To this day (early 2020), her scones are the best I’ve ever had. After breakfast, we headed out on the road towards Kilfenora Cathedral, Leamaneh Castle, and Carron Church!

Kilfenora Cathedral

Our first stop of the day was in Kilfenora, about a 20-minute drive from Emohruo B&B. Kilfenora has two places we wanted to stop at, the Burren Centre and the Kilfenora Cathedral with its High Crosses. We started at the Centre and learned about the Burren.

After the Centre we walked over to the Kilfenora Cathedral. Our first Irish ruin. Wow!

The Cathedral was a regular church until 1152 and then the church got its own bishop. Apparently, a bishop can’t preside over a church, so the church was upgraded to the name cathedral. It may also have been around this time the crosses were carved.

During our visit it was raining, however, the cathedral is covered with a clear roof, so for the most part we stayed dry. No need to let the rain deter you on your visit!

Kilfenora Cathedral
Some of the crosses at Kilfenora Cathedral.
Kilfenora Cathedral
Effigy at Kilfenora Cathedral and broken grave stone inside the Cathedral.

I had forgotten, until this trip, that older civilizations liked to bury their dead inside the churches, under the floor. An odd habit to me, but if it works for them…

Kilfenora Cathedral
One of my favorite pictures from the day. Duck to go through the arched doorway.
Kilfenora Cathedral
Stone faces of deceased bishops.
While the scenic landscapes for electronic wallpaper are no longer free, you can grab them by clicking on the picture above!

Leamaneh Castle

Less than ten minutes up the road, on our way to the Portal Tomb, we found Leamaneh Castle. We didn’t know it at the time, but according to this website, the castle is haunted. No ghost sightings, but we did pull over for some pictures!

Ireland Leamaneh Castle
Leamaneh Castle from the side.
Ireland Leamaneh Castle
Leamaneh Castle from the front.

Carron Church

Another six minutes up the road and we saw the ruin of Carron Church out in a pasture. We traipsed across the pasture and wandered around the graveyard and inside the old church. According to the plaque inside the church, the church was built around 1200 but some modifications were done in the 1400s. There is some belief the priest of this church fortified it to defend against intruders.

Ireland Carron Church
Carron Church carving.
Ireland Carron Church
Inside Carron Church.

Did you enjoy riding along on our trip to Kilfenora, Leamaneh Castle, and Carron Church? Come back for Part Two: the Burren and the Portal Tomb.

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