Inishmore, the Largest Aran Island in Ireland

Our fourth morning in Ireland dawned with blue and sunny skies. What a treat! We had another traditional Irish breakfast as Emohruo and then set off to Doolin to catch a ferry to Inishmore.

Getting to the Island

While getting our tickets for the ferry ride over to the largest Aran Island, I got chatting with one of the clerks for Doolin 2 Aran Ferries. I found out you could leave your car overnight in the car park; however, the website didn’t share the same information. (The clerk lamented their website wasn’t where they wanted it, but they were working on it. Their website had a whole lot more information in 2012 when we came back.) If we had known this, we probably would have reserved a B&B for the night on the Island.

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Inishmore is almost a 1.5-hour trip from Doolin. The earliest ferry to the Island is about 10 am and the last ferry from the Island is around 4 pm, leaving you about three hours to explore the island. The name Inishmore means “Big Island” and while only 8.7 miles long and 3.4 miles wide, I’d suggest more than three hours to see the Island.

As we waited for the ferry, we had fun wandering around the rocks and the dock. Then it was time to board our ferry, named “Happy Hooker”, which we thought was a riot. The ride over was long, but there are comfortable seats.

Ireland Doolin coast
The Atlantic Ocean off the Doolin coast.
Ireland Doolin Cliffs
Cliffs of Moher in sunlight.
Ireland Doolin coast
Spray from the waves.
Ireland Doolin ferry plaque
Plaque at the Doolin pier.
Ireland Happy Hooker
Our ride, the Happy Hooker.

The Island

On our approach to the island, we saw excavators and other construction equipment in the port area. Not sure what they were doing, but it was interesting to watch as we pulled up to the Island. Once we docked, we rented three bikes from Aran Bike Hire and set off to see what we could of the island before we had to leave in three hours.

Ireland Inishmore excavators
Excavators at Inishmore.

Unfortunately for me, I didn’t make it too far into the Island. My bike chain kept falling off and I got frustrated with it. So my companions went on with their bikes while I headed back to the Village area. I returned the bike and headed for the Internet cafe to let the folks back home know we had made it safely. Then I wandered around the Village till my companions showed back up to re-board the Happy Hooker to head back to Doolin.

Ireland Inishmore ruin
Ruins on the Island.
Ireland Happy Hooker
Happy Hooker shadows.
Ireland Inishmore buildings
Leaving Inishmore.

The Return to Doolin

We made it back to Doolin and headed back to Emohruo for a bit before traveling back to McDermott’s for supper and wandering the coastline at sunset. Then off to bed to get ready for our next ferry ride to Inisheer!

Top Three Tips Plan Trip
Emohruo Bed and Breakfast.
Ireland Coast sunset
Ireland Coast sunset
Red sun setting.

I hope to return to Inishmore someday to see all the forts and ruins I missed the first time over…

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