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Inisheer: What to See on the Smallest Aran Island

The ferry ride to Inisheer is much shorter than to Inishmore, which allows for more time on the Island! The ride over is only 15 minutes from Doolin. The first ferry from Doolin is at 10 am and the last from the Island is 4:45 pm, which allows for over six hours on Inisheer. Inisheer, or Eastern Island, is the smallest of the Aran Islands, only 1.9 miles by 1.9 miles, easily coverable by walking.

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Cnoc Raithnighe

After getting off the ferry, we stopped first at an ancient burial mound. Cnoc Raithnighe was unknown until a storm uncovered it in 1885.

Ireland Inisheer
Cnoc Raithnighe.

Teampall Chaomhain

Not too far away is Teampall Chaomhain, a small church buried in the ground. This small structure fascinated me! Supposedly the patron, Saint Caomhan, was a brother to Saint Kevin of Glendalough. It’d be interesting to see this church in its prime – your imagination can only take you so far.

On past the Inisheer Airport and then down the lane past all the little pastures we traveled. Supposedly you can tell who owns what land based on how the stone walls were built. Along the way, we went past An Loch Mor – an Island pond.

Ireland Inisheer celtic crosses
Inisheer Celtic crosses.
Ireland Inisheer transportation

Plassey Shipwreck

We stumbled upon the Plassey Shipwreck which ran aground in 1960. Heavy seas relocated the wreck to where it sits now. It is a fascinating tourist attraction, mainly from the fact you can wander all over the ship…if you dare. The ship is heavily rusted and parts are scattered on the rocks around the wreck.

Inisheer building Shipwreck
Inisheer cottage and Plassey Shipwreck.

Cailean Ui Bhrain

From the Wreck, we wandered further into the Island and then stopped at the lighthouse ruins. Just past the lighthouse ruins are the remains of Caislean Ui Bhriain or O’Brien’s Castle. The remains and faces sticking out of the walls are very interesting. It’s almost the highest spot on the Island, so I’d imagine on clear days you can see quite a ways.

Cill Chobnait

Inisheer Cill Chobnait
Looking into Cill Chobnait.

The last place we stopped before boarding the ferry back to Doolin was Cill Chobnait, another small church ruin. Rather sad how much trash was in this ruin.

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After the ferry ride back to Doolin, I believe we hit up McDermott’s again for supper and then packed in preparation for traveling to Glendalough.

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