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Bunratty Castle and Folk Park: Remarkable Sites Worth a Visit?

After enjoying a delicious breakfast at the Bunratty Meadows (great fruit platter!) on our ninth day, we headed to the Bunratty Castle and Folk Park.

Bunratty Castle

We started with Bunratty Castle since it was early in the morning and there weren’t a lot of visitors yet. According to the plaque on the side of the Castle:

The present O’Brien castle, built 1425, had undergone many alterations during four centuries of occupation, but in the restoration works (1956/58) all additions later than 1619 (the date of the decorated ceiling in the Chapel) were removed and the 15th-century crenellations restored.

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And then this note of interest for Americans:

Admiral Penn was besieged here in 1646 and it is generally believed that his son, William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania, then an infant, was at the Castle.

The Castle is quite larger with lots of rooms, some highly decorated; however, the lighting wasn’t that great so here are only a few photos:

After the Castle, we wandered around the Folk Park. All 30 buildings of the Folk Park!

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We saw many different styles of houses (some colorful) and structures from different locations and time periods of Irish history. They even have a village street and a small shop where my sister and I bought pottery earrings. The earrings to this day are one of my favorite pairs.

After we had explored and read information plaques and taken loads of pictures, we left the 26-acre park and went back to Bunratty Meadows. We wanted to rest up a bit before walking back over for the Traditional Irish Night, which deserves its own blog post!

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    1. Some day I’d like to revisit. If you are ever in VT, we have something a little similar up near Burlington called Shelburne Museum.

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