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Do you ever feel the standard posters and art in your local gallery has no soul?  No personality? You don’t want to buy from the local store because everyone else has the same art on their walls? You shouldn’t have to buy the same thing as your friends and neighbors!

Welcome! Here you will find links to the individual galleries containing stunning photographs from around the world. (Currently, options include the USA, Ireland, Italy, and Scotland. )

To buy a landscape or greeting card, please visit the Etsy shop. FREE shipping on all USA orders. Currently, no international shipping.

A beautiful selection of vistas to hang in your home or give as a gift. Great bright wall art for tiny library rooms, as a goodbye gift, bedroom decor for a teen, help that natural feel indoors…

Greeting cards with a blank interior for your own thoughts. Beautiful sceneries to use as a kindness card, cards for teachers, retirement, anniversaries, birthdays, Sisters Day, Aunt and Uncle Day, Cheer Up the Lonely Day, Compliment Day, Send a Card to a Friend Day, Let’s Laugh Day, Sibling Day, Brother’s Day, Best Friends Day, Day of Encouragement, World Smile Day, Child’s Day, Thank You Note Day, and so many more!

A Gallery of the Desktop Wallpaper Aesthetics

The amazing desktop wallpapers come in two different sizes: 1920×1080 pixels, good for up to 25-inch screens and 3840×2161 pixels, good for 27-inch monitors.

Blog Photos

Did you see a photo in one of the blog posts you’d prefer? Drop me a line and we can work something out!

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