Business Boutique Day 2

Astonishing Goal Crushing from the Business Boutique Conference

Lunch Line

Wendy, Ariel, and I headed outside to join the other 2,000+ women standing in lines for the food trucks after the Business Boutique Conference morning session. There were quite a few options and every truck had a line. We ended up separating as we wanted different eats. I chose the hamburger line, and in working at being brave, struck up a conversation with the woman in line ahead of me.

Business Boutique Day 2
The lunch line (one of them).

She told me a bit about her online fitness business and answered the questions I asked. After we got our food and went in different directions, I was kicking myself for not getting her name or a business card. (Then after the conference I saw her post in the Business Boutique Academy group and, voila!)

After a delicious hamburger and fries by Hoss Burger, it was back to the Business Boutique Conference and time for someone I’ve been fangirling on for months now…

Building Your Personal Brand on Social Media

Jasmine Star spoke. Jasmine Star! (Ariel and I are pretty sure we saw her checking in the day before at the Gaylord with her husband JD!!)

Business Boutique Day 2
Jasmine Star

Okay. Enough fangirling, let’s get into this.

Some key Jasmine points:
*use the things you can afford: research (Google), practice, read the manual
*impossible is simply possible in disguise
*build your business by building your brand
*Seth Godin: brand = expectations/memories, a relationship that accounts for why buyer buys from you
*brand is what someone says about you when you walk out of the room
*don’t just post the perfect
*ask everyone while here, in every line, questions
*clients choose photographers, not photographs
*go after it! dare to do the work and prove my doubts wrong!
*be talkative, because I have something to say
*I have the ability to make others feel something

If you’re afraid of failing, you’re afraid of learning how to get better.

Jasmine Star

Social Media Brand
*list 3 words – focus on me not business
*not who I aspire to be, but who I am
*word of mouth should use words that match me
*how bad do I really want people to talk about me? Hint: a lot
*”I really like Jasmine Star”, not “I really like my wedding photos”
*create something much bigger than myself
*consistency – I will show up
*giving – give more than I take
*possibilities – just do something! take action!

Actions to Take:
*weekly tutorials
*blog posts
*going live on FaceBook
*post polls on Instagram
*use stories to show progress
*send a weekly newsletter
*create a bio video
*tell my story

Conclusion Points:
*How do I define success?
*What can I do?
*Who can I serve?
Only I can define my own success.

Business Boutique Success Stories

Erika Butler and Patricia Kelikani were on stage next with Christy. And while they were interesting speakers, however, I didn’t take a lot of notes for this session.
*keep your eye on the prize – this is my why and what my success looks like
*have to do the work

Business Boutique Day 2
Christy Wright, Erika Butler, and Patricia Kelikani

And that was it.

Choosing to Live Audaciously

Bob Goff. Wow. He was my second favorite speaker of the day. I’ll apologize in advance, my notes are a bit all over and I almost ran out of room!

*step a little closer to people who are hurting
*why are we doing what we are doing?
*”fair is where pigs get ribbons”
*love difficult people
*cause I’m one of them
*be available for opportunities that come along
-he has done some amazing things in his life, just because he was willing to say yes. read his bio.

Business Boutique Day 2
Bob Goff.

*There is a cost to being available:
*make people feel, not just welcome, but invited
*don’t just make people feel welcome in my business, but invited
*if people are listening – don’t need to tell them what to do
*be picky about the words I use and find kinder words
*the stupid shelf is low – reach higher!
*try to be like Jesus, not like others
*just be with others, not trying to fix them
*practice – do the hard work
*ticket of my life is all access
*pick the right words
*reach for the upper shelf
*know why I’m doing what I’m doing

Small businesses
*have a clear message and welcome (in action and deed) those who come through my doors
*be real
*know own tells
*remind self why doing what I’m doing

Remember on big ships the anchor room is as big as the engine room
*what’s holding me back?
*know what makes me afraid
*know faith will get me out
*trust enough to follow
*”Power in the lie isn’t when said, but when believed.”
*burn down whatever it takes to get to the real stuff

I used to be afraid of failing at something that really mattered to me, but now I’m more afraid of succeeding at things that don’t matter.

Bob Goff

And the ribbon example:
Say you expect to live to 87 and you are currently 37. Doing the math leads us to the fact that you only have 50 years left.
So do yourself the biggest favor you can and MAKE THE MOST OF THIS TIME.

Creating a Website Your Audience Will Love

I took so many notes for Tim Newton’s session, thankfully, I had some blank pages from an earlier session!

Keys to an impactful website:
*must be human – this is #1!
*connect with their emotions
*what would a helpful human do? mimic this on the website

Make it about your audience:
*don’t make it about me/we/our
*give audience a vision of success
Clear and focused message:
*be clear, not clever
*use as few words as possible
*should only take about 2 seconds for others to understand
Guide the viewer:
*make it a conversation
*show info one at a time
Make consistent – consistency builds trust
*limit colors and fonts
*limit to 5 colors with 3 main colors
*3 fonts with 1 main font
*make page scannable

When you care about people, you create an experience that transcends transactions.

Christy Wright

Blanket Business Website Build:
*Start your plan on paper using a marker to keep it as simple as possible
*Make up a persona (Susan) to talk through – make a website for them: wants, frustrations,
characterizations, brands already like…
*pair down customer ambition to a single focus
*Headlines: action, problem, solution, all with the least amount of words
*action: leads people to do something
*make a list of questions that Susan would ask me
*in what order would we talk about these questions?
*mimic this on the website
*the brand: whom I am at my core – brand will reflect
*color: try this website with favorite picture to get color options (so much fun!)
*fonts: serif – more traditional, sans – modern, slab – bold, script – friendly
*can use different ones together (serif and script) just make sure work together

Business Boutique Day 2
Canva Color Generator with the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone picture.

*not just what object selling, but the whole vibe of feeling selling
*gallery is a vision of success
*About Page is still about Susan – not me. Always about Susan
*never have a dead-end page – always have another page to go to
*make the website feel like a helpful human

Crushing Your Goals

At the next break-out session at the Business Boutique Conference, while we were waiting to get started, I talked with the person next to me. She is also a photographer. I asked her for one piece of advice and after she thought for a minute, she said, “Don’t forget you in your business.” She gave an example of her client posting a picture of him holding his merchandise and even though it was a bad quality photo, it got more notice on Instagram than the polished photos of the merchandise alone. That sounds like a goal for me…

Alex Judd went over how he came up with his 2019 goals while on a four-hour plane ride on New Year’s Eve day. Dreaming meaningful goals should take time and thought.

Objective – create a plan for both meaningful and sustainable growth.

The areas that matter most are: spiritual, family, social, financial, intellectual, career, and physical.

Life-balance is not a 50/50 split. It’s about being 100% wherever you are.

Christy Wright

Remember SMART goals – specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based.

Wisdom is in evaluated experience.
“Creating a plan for 2020 without reflecting on 2019 would be unwise.”

Vision is attending to what God reveals (Proverbs 29:18)
Do not confuse action with vision.
“We are not human-doings, we are human beings.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act, but a habit.” ~Will Durant
Your desires and intentions will not do anything. Your habits will.
What are the actions I need to get the results I want?

The destination is not the plan. It is the natural outcome of the plan.
*I am going to read ten pages of a book a day, Monday through Friday.
*Destination is 12 books/year.
The destination will help you track progress and adapt.

You have to give up to go up.
Great leaders know the value of endings.
The difference-maker is focus.
Momentum theorem: focused intensity over time multiplied by God equals momentum

Find the things worth focusing on. Great leaders believe a plan will win. Therefore, the goal is not perfection (100% hit), but progress!

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The Evening

And then the second day of the Business Boutique Conference was done and it was back to the Gaylord. We hung out in the room for a bit, catching up on the different end sessions we went to and email. We finally decided we were hungry for dessert, but too full from lunch still for supper, so we headed down towards the Delta Atrium and to Jack Daniels’. The Tennessee Mud Pie was calling our names!

Once we got there, it was a bit of a wait time to get a table, so we decided to tour the Delta Atrium while we waited. Yup, the Delta Atrium is the biggest of the atriums – it has a river with boat rides! We wandered through most of the atrium and enjoyed the lights and water features.

Business Boutique Day 2
Delta Atrium night lights: lamp post, fountain, light fixture.

And then it was our turn for a table and we ordered our desserts. The waiter brought out the desserts and then the table was quiet. Those Tennessee Mud Pies are really good!

Business Boutique Day 2
Tennessee Mud Pie

Get ready for Day 3 of the Business Boutique Conference…

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