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Business Boutique Conference 2020: An Interesting Viewing from Home

Well, the Business Boutique Conference 2020 looks a little different for me this year. No flights, Uber, Opryland Gaylord hotel room, bus rides, or stadium seats, and no Bubbly Homemaker to enjoy the content with. Nope, this year I’m attending the conference virtually…because, let’s face it, that’s what the fear of COVID (and riots) has reduced us to. (Which if you stay with the entire post, is a poor excuse.)

However, I am still getting good content and reminders on how to better serve you!

Business Boutique Conference 2020 Day 1 – Thursday Night

So, silly me missed the virtual intro (mainly because it wasn’t listed in the guide book and I hadn’t bothered to pull up the app yet). But!! I did make it to the Kelsey Humphreys opening! She started off with how we all feel when we’re allowed out of our houses: there’s nothing to wear since we’ve gained the c-flu 19. (It’s so real. *sigh*) Then she challenged us to write down one thing for the conference.

Grab the desktop wallpaper bundle from Etsy today! (They also make a great, relaxing screensaver.)

Then it was time for Christy Wright!!

Get Back to You

Business Boutique Conference 2020: Christy Wright
Christy Wright

One of the first things Christy challenged us for the conference was: lean in. Be uncomfortable, because this is where you grow.

We tend to lose ourselves in the busyness of life and think the busyness is our life. Nope, it’s not. We won’t feel fulfilled until we know who we are. Don’t know who you are?

Remember the One who created you and reset on the Truth. (Hint: we are created for a purpose, formed in our mother’s womb by God.)

You are not who you think you are. I am not my job, my dogs, my family, my fears. I am a child of God, I am worthy, I am called for a purpose.

This next one hit home for so many on the app and on social media: Your season is where you are, not who you are. You are not your struggles. C-flu is just a season (one long season), but just a season. Another season is up ahead and we’ll reach it quicker than we think.


Then lastly: get your hopes up because our God is a God of hope!

Then ended the first day of the conference, well, after the homework. What is your top takeaway? What is one goal you will set based on the top takeaway? And one thing you will do this week to move towards the top takeaway goal? (Again, if you want to know mine, reach out to contact@rarelyvt.com.)

Business Boutique Conference 2020 Day 2 – Friday

The day began with me getting in front of my computer a few minutes late but figured the virtual hostess would still be talking. Nope. But it was still a few minutes before the conference began, so got on the app and posted the Season picture from above…and finished eating breakfast!

Kelsey got back on in her leopard print shirt (apparently we are her one arena speaking engagement this year, so lots of animal print shirts, we were forwarded!) and all of her energy to get us going to welcome Christy back to the stage.


BBC 2020 Christy
Christy Wright

Christy started talking about a problem most female entrepreneurs face…apparently more so than men do: believing we are selling a product worth the price we are asking for and even deeper, believing we are worth making money.

There is also the trap of this service you are building is a business, not a hobby, and the service needs to make money to be a business. You don’t have to be miserable in your work to earn a paycheck, people are more likely to trust and buy from you if you’re happy at your work.

Remember: you aren’t taking money from someone, it’s an exchange of like values; their money for your product!

Money is only a tool. It can be used for evil or for good, it’s only a magnifier of who you are. So believe in the worth of your work and be confident in your product. You are serving people by helping them with the problem only you can solve for them. Just because it’s easy for you doesn’t mean it’s easy for others or inexpensive.

Say Yes

Begin with What You Know

BBC Day 2 Lisa
Lisa Bevere

Then Lisa Bevere took the stage. What a powerhouse speaker! Just some of the quick notes I captured:

-I don’t need to know God’s plan, just believe He has a plan for good and not for harm
-every season has its strengths
-the only way to never hit a target is if I never shoot
-God is for me and is with me: behind me, before me, and has His hand on me
-you can’t go anywhere when you’re frozen in place

-fear is a horrible counselor
-the new thing God wants me to do won’t look like the old thing I was doing – it’s new
-the struggle is strengthening
-afraid to work in my field because I fear an attack, but then others suffer from my lack of harvest


It was a very interesting talk. Now I’m curious about her book Godmothers.

A Conversation with…

After Lisa, then Christy took the stage with Elisabeth Hasselbeck. They spoke on:

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

-we have value as we are
-we’re prone to believe we have to prove our worth
-sitting in failure is where the enemy wants us
-don’t feel like – feelings are not facts
-God is sovereign, He doesn’t make mistakes; therefore I am not a mistake
-God wants to use me really well

-Seasons of in-between (jobs, boyfriends, etc.) are a good place to grow – don’t miss these!
-surrender the idea I need to fight through by myself, rely on the Creator
-I am not powerful enough to destroy the plan God has for me


Building a Billion-Dollar Business From My Living Room

BBC Day 2 Jamie
Jamie Kern Lima

After a lunch break, we came back to hear from Jamie Kern Lima, the founder of IT Cosmetics, which should for a billion dollars! She decided to give us the story of how she started and some of the behind, behind scenes, knowing we would appreciate and learn from her struggle. Just a few highlights:

-don’t let no stop me
-be a lifetime student
-just because it’s always been done doesn’t mean it’s correct
-check back in with God
-identify my deep why which will hold me through the no’s
-fearless squirrel: “swing ’em”
-when you finally get a yes, it may not be your best option
-listen to the still small Voice
-be me, authentic me, everywhere

-people fear the new because they haven’t seen it before
-be my own cheerleader, others will only cheer for me once I’ve succeeded
-don’t give up when get knocked down
-getting knocked down is the price of admission
-be a light for those coming behind me
-confidence and humility are not necessarily exclusive
-tell my story to help/serve others


And that was the end of Day 2 of the Business Boutique Conference 2020 for those of us who watched virtually. If we had been at the event itself, then I’d have more to post about the breakout sessions. Instead, I took two of the dogs for a walk and enjoyed the extremely mild October weather.

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