Business Boutique Day 3

Do It Scared? The Last of the Business Boutique Conference

Academy Breakfast

Ariel and I got up Saturday morning and reluctantly packed our bags and checked out of our Gaylord room. Thankfully there is a baggage room at the Gaylord, so we dropped our bags off there and got in line for the buses to the Business Boutique Conference. While Ariel waited for the regular bus, I got on the Academy bus for the Academy coffee and donuts, since I’m a member.  (FYI, if you go, it is just coffee and donuts.  No water bottles or juice for us non-coffee people.)

Once the doors opened, all of the Academy members were let in and they funneled us through one set of doors…because the Business Boutique event personnel and Christy Wright were lined up and cheered us all into the arena. I even got to high-five Christy!! It was a lot of fun!

We sat in the VIP ticket holder seats and Christy spoke on the benefits of the Academy and how to use the Academy. Then Christy went over that plateaus in business are normal. All of us are probably undercharging (hint: price increases coming in 2020!).

Business Boutique Day 3
So many donuts – this is just one side.

You don’t need less fear – you need more courage. Courage is what gives you the ability to do the thing despite your fear.

~Christy Wright

Day 3 Conference Begins

One benefit about being part of the early crowd was I got Ariel, Wendy, and me closer seats to the stage!

The Business Boutique Conference started off with the Big Beyond again and then Kelsey Humphreys got the energy up for Christy’s segment.

Business Boutique Day 3
VIP area and Kelsey Humphreys

Do It Scared

Christy spoke on the problem of fear and how it limits our lives. Yet, confidence is a skill that can be learned and is available to everyone, to help overcome fear. Yes, fear is normal, but fear isn’t a sign you are doing something bad, it can be a sign that you are doing something bold. Do it scared! Perfection is a myth and no level of success guarantees the loss of fear. In fact, on the other side of fear, there’s freedom.

Inspirational wallpaper emailed to you – just click on the photo above!

Some hints while doing it scared: talk to yourself. You should be selective about what you say to yourself (you can do this!) and maybe pretend you are a small child. You wouldn’t say to a small child: It doesn’t matter how much you try, you’ll never do X. No, you’d crush their dreams and break their hearts. So why are you saying that to yourself?

If you hear a voice inside you say you cannot paint, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.

~Vincent Van Gogh

Another hint for doing it scared: do it once. Once you’ve done something, it is easier to do it again. Even be bold enough to say yes before you know how to do it. And be willing to be a beginner. Experts don’t become experts overnight – neither will you, but they do become experts after the beginning, so begin! Be willing to be bad, but keep going, learning, and getting better. And if you are feeling like an imposter? You are in good company as most high achievers feel like imposters.

At this point, a marching band broke into the arena. A local school marching band came in playing and we all had a dance session to “Shake It Off“. Shake off the fear and stride toward your dreams.

Business Boutique Day 3
Marching band, the Big Beyond, Christy

Interview with Ashley Lemieux

Wow. This girl has been through some stuff. I need to get her book and read it.

Business Boutique Day 3
Christy and Ashley Lemieux

Ashley went over:
*who am I allowing to be the authority in my life? God should be the authority and then me.
*when we do what we are called to do, we may not know the details or how it will work out, but it does
*have a list. Work on moving the top five forward. Don’t let fear win and remember gratitude
*stop running away from pain, stop needing to meet unnecessary expectations
*I am here, be willing to be here, to not rush away
*after severe pain and loss, may need to imagine a new future, new hopes, new dreams, or at least re-imagine
*we only get to practice courage this side of heaven
*courage doesn’t roar, it is often a small whisper
*pain happens. If you experience the pain, but drop the suffering, then hopelessness disappears, and even though there is still pain, there is also, then, joy and happiness
*my story isn’t over yet, and even if I do run into an end, it’s a beginning just waiting to happen.

Maximizing the Strengths of Your Unique Personality in the Marketplace

Our next session at the Business Boutique Conference was by Ian Morgan Cron. He spoke on the enneagram. I hadn’t really heard of it before this summer, but I highly recommend Annie F. Downs podcast series Enneagram Summer.

Ian started off with a Cornell study that indicates “the key prediction of success among leaders is self-awareness.” Out of 100 people, generally, only 13 are self-aware, but being self-aware can be learned.

What we don’t know about ourselves can and will hurt us, not to mention others.

~Ian Morgan Cron

Ennea means nine. Gram means diagram. So nine diagrams. Or nine different personality types:

1s see the world full of mistakes and want to correct the mistakes, and improve the world.
2s need to feel loved and appreciated but don’t believe they can be loved or will be appreciated.
3s are list makers, goal crushers, need to win, but can hide behind masks.
4s feel something important is missing in their make-up and they need something special and unique.
5s are innovative, intensely private, and try to know everything to fend off inadequacies. They can be very helpful and solve complex problems.
6s need to feel safe and secure, they are worst-case thinkers and chronic worriers, but they are the funniest number.
7s believe everyone is plotting fun things for them to do. They avoid emotional pain, live in the fun future, and generally fail to develop depth.
8s are notoriously blunt and can be aggressive. This generally masks vulnerability and a desire to protect themselves. Their motto echoes: “lead me, follow me, or get out of my way.”
9s are quick to love, slow to judge, and want to avoid conflicts at all costs. They struggle to find energy, prefer to melt into the crowd, and have trouble making decisions.

“In the end, be yourself, everyone else is already taken.”

Business Boutique Day 3
Ian Morgan Cron

Starting from Scratch

Then it was time for Ariel’s favorite person: Jennifer Allwood, along with Jamie Ivey, and Stacy Tuschl for “How Successful Women Build Successful Businesses from the Ground Up.” This was another group interview with Christy.

Business Boutique Day 3
Christy, Jennifer Allwood, Stacy Tuschl. Jamie Ivey

They spoke on:
*have truthful people around you, not just yes people
*constructive criticism will make you better if you let it
*business is a conversation in the marketplace
*pivot is not starting over – just a different direction
*as you grow and change through the seasons, so will your business
*introverts – try different things, show up and then can back away if not working, but show up!
*don’t be afraid to pay to play
*dream 50 businesses/people to do business with
*work it like a business, not a hobby
*passive income: create one time and produces income
*1:1 coaching
*membership site
*online courses: DIY, ebooks, etc.
*sponsored content
*blog with ad revenue
*focus on what fits my strengths for sellable products
*make decisions that align with my values
*keep God first – keep priorities straight
*be where my feet are

What’s Your Story?

Christy took to the stage one last time and spoke “I will act out the story I believe”.

Everyone one of us has stories we believe. Some of those stories might even be true. What stories we believe determines our behavior, which shapes the reality we experience, and the reality we actually create. Obviously, this can work for us or against us. We are masters at creating self-fulfilling prophecies.

Be careful what you think, because your thoughts run your life.

~Proverbs 4:23 (NCV)

Two different things, however, can be true at the same time. Is the glass half-full or half-empty? Both answers are correct, but which one will you choose? Your mind is a battlefield and we rely on confirmation bias, which backs up what we think. If you think your day was horrible because of x, y, and z, then that is all you will see. Never mind that a through w were good parts of your day.

Business Boutique Day 3
Christy Wright


And then, before we were truly ready, The Big Beyond was back on stage to sing us out the door and onto the buses. Say goodbye to new friends and head back to our normal lives…until the 2020 Business Boutique Conference!

Business Boutique Day 3
The Big Beyond Band

(Want to hear about our afternoon? Missed Day 1 or Day 2 morning or Day 2 afternoon?)

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