2009 Continental Divide


Providing Landscape Photos For Your Walls

I help you find a little peace and tranquility to hang on your walls. With my photographs, you remember to breathe, to relax, to wonder at the creation around you. I have photographs from the United States, Ireland, and Scotland for you to choose from.

When I’m not off traveling to see more of the world around us, you can find me dogsledding in the winter and working in roadway construction in the summers.

Judy Gilmore Fun Facts:

1) My first dogsled ride was in 2009.
2) My 2018 birthday was celebrated in Scotland.
3) I reread the same series every year: Legends of the Guardian-King.
4) During construction of the World War II Veterans Memorial Highway, I got to push the button to blow up some ledge (rocks)!
5) Read the blog for some travel adventures.


If you’d like to know anything else about me or to work with me, you can use the Contact Me form.

Winter 2020 About Me
Winter 2020.

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